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Empire Alarm Systems was founded by Shawn Engle. Through his 23 years in the Alarm Industry he has learned from the best in the business.Working for a local alarm company in Southern California he learned how to install,service, and sell top quality alarm equipment. Learning how to customize the alarm systems to the clients lifestyle made for a well known company that was reliable and friendly.Then wanting to learn more, Shawn accepted the Operations Manager position at a nationwide integrated security company.There he learned teamwork with other branch offices and how to install,service, and sell to Fortune 500 companies. Wanting to do more, Shawn decided to start Empire Alarm Systems and put all he learned into creating an alarm company that listens to the needs and concerns of the homeowner or business owner. Then providing them with the best solution. Empire Alarm Systems is dedicated to providing top quality installation at an affordable price.

Also, recognizing a growing do-it-yourself industry across America we have also put together a pre-programmed, ready to plug in alarm system for the consumer who wants to do it themselves.
"When quality counts" call Empire Alarm Systems.
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